Regularity conditions for Banach function algebras

I have just come back from Lisbon, where I gave four 90-minute talks on Regularity conditions for Banach function algebras as part of the IST Summer School on Operator Algebras and Applications.  I have made the slides, handouts, annotated slides and audio recordings available online from my presentations page at

Some time soon I will use Adobe Audition to automatically delete silence from the relevant audio files, and I will make the “pause-stripped” versions of the audio available too. The resulting files are usually at least 30% shorter. (Clearly I spend a lot of time writing on my tablet without speaking!) However, sometimes quiet questions from the audience get stripped along with the silence, so it is probably best to have the full versions available too.

Joel Feinstein June 22 2009


2 responses to “Regularity conditions for Banach function algebras

  1. The “pause-stripped” versions of the audio files of my Lisbon Summer School lectures are now available. However, the “pause-stripped” version of the discussion session did not come out well enough (too many quiet comments went missing), so I have not included that.
    Technical note: I have used m3u files to set up the streaming mp3 audio, rather than using mms protocol. These m3u files are short text files which give the http locations (URL’s) of the associated mp3 files.
    Would people find it more convenient to have a set of direct links to the mp3 files instead? Or would that be a useful addition?
    Joel Feinstein, June 24 1009


  2. These materials are now also available from Nottingham’s U-Now website.


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