Laptop performance

Well, I took my power cable to my lecture today and plugged in the power … or at least I thought I had!
However, I noticed most of the usual strange phenomena again, which was very disappointing. Only at the end of the lecture did I realize that I had been running on battery power again: I had plugged into an extension cable which was disconnected at the other end!
The most obvious effect of this problem visually during lectures is that when I finish writing one piece of text and then start a new bit, Windows Journal frequently draws unwanted straight lines connecting the end of the last word with the start of the new word. It looks as though the tablet “loses” the tablet pen for a moment, and then guesses that I must have been drawing a straight line during the lost period.
Oh well, I’ll try again tomorrow …
Joel Feinstein


One response to “Laptop performance

  1. On mains power today, no strange bugs showing up. It all seems to be working!


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