One of those days

It has been one of those days where so many things have gone wrong … I feel as if I have efficiently packaged all my minor disasters into one day. In particular, I had three attempts at recording screencasts today, and something went wrong every time. The first one was simply my carelessness in failing to save the recording (don’t ask!). I don’t know exactly what happened with the others, but I only have sound from one small fragment. I do have the videos, so I might add narration.
Although almost all of the bugs have been eliminated by using mains power for my tablet, still I have one persistent problem: from time to time the tablet completely loses touch with the tablet pen. It still responds to the trackpad (not that I am very good with those), but it is still a real nuisance as I have to restart to get the pen working. (So far I have always managed to do this AND save the recordings too). Yes, that happened today too. Actually, I think I am going to take a spare mouse with me in case that helps under these circumstances.
Perhaps this tablet pen problem is a known issue with a solution I can find.
Meanwhile, I also have a blemish which looks something like condensation under the screen. Very odd: the display is otherwise unaffected, and (unless this is connected with the other problem) the machine appears to be otherwise unaffected.
If anyone has come across any of these problems, please let me know!


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