How We Teach

On Wednesday November 18 2009 I gave one of the seminars in the seminar series How We Teach at the Mathematics Education Centre at Loughborough University. This seminar series is organised by Professor Barbara Jaworski. For more information on this seminar series, contact Professor Jaworski at

The title of my talk was Using a tablet PC and screencasts when teaching mathematics (relating to mathematical analysis and proof)

The session included a demonstration of my current methodology, extracts from some screencasts, and discussion of some of the issues which arise.

There are two, rather different, recordings of this session available.

My own Camtasia-recorded screencast from this session (33 minutes) is available at This screencast excludes the extracts from previous screencasts, and also excludes much of the discussion. (My microphone does not really pick up comments from the audience properly).

The full video of the session (86 minutes, including everything!), as made by the team in Loughborough, is available at

Both recordings are also available from the YouTube Education University of Nottingham Mathematics Playlist at


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