What does NEB stand for?

My printed slides from my screencast on Riemann integration (the last lecture from G12MAN Mathematical Analysis, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hqAHKhz8wo) include my acronym NEB.
Here NEB stands for Not Examinable as Bookwork.
The point is that (as is very common), some of my examination questions include portions of material that I regard as bookwork: standard material from the module. However, other portions of my questions may be “unseen” in as much as I do not regard these portions of the questions as standard material from the module. I do not want to rule out any reasonable questions here! So it is possible that NEB material may sometimes be related to some “unseen” portions of some of my examination questions.
Generally, I expect that NEB material might be investigated further by the enthusiast. Assuming that you have a good knowledge of the standard material, extra knowledge and understanding of related material is unlikely to be harmful! And it can certainly help when you meet more advanced material in later modules.
Joel Feinstein
January 3 2010


One response to “What does NEB stand for?

  1. Dear Dr Feinstein,

    It was with great pleasure and nostalgia that I stumbled upon your lecture notes from a link from the opencourseware site. I graduated in 2005 after doing Mathematical Physics and can fondly remember your enthusiastic lecturing style. I’m glad you were recently awarded for your innovations in teaching, I just hope your 2nd year students properly appreciate it! All the best, Tim.


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