Uniform convergence and pointwise convergence

Chapter 9 of G12MAN Mathematical Analysis is devoted to pointwise convergence and uniform convergence for sequences of real-valued functions defined on domains in \mathbb{R}^d.

There are three screencasts for this chapter. These screencasts were affected by various incidents!

The audio recording failed for the first screencast (printed slides 1-3). I have now added some narration to the previously silent movie.
This screencast (printed slides 1-3) is available at

The second screencast involved a couple of annoying written and spoken (if that makes sense) typos near the end, where I managed to omit two minus signs in the powers of two. Hopefully this should be fairly obvious to the viewer.
This screencast (printed slides 3-8) is available at

The third screencast appears to have gone OK! This screencast covers the material from printed slide 8 to the end of the chapter, and it is available at

Note added January 15 2009:
I have now combined these three screencasts into one longer screencast (1 hour 20 minutes) with a few short intro videos of me talking to my webcam! See


3 responses to “Uniform convergence and pointwise convergence

  1. The 80-minute full version is now also available on YouTube:
    see the Nottingham University YouTube Edu maths playlist
    or directly

    January 18 2010


  2. Dear Professor Joel,

    Your lecture in 80 minute Video is excellent and very unique and innovating. I am interested to show it to my undergraduate students in seminar room through LCD projector. Please help me to download it with improved version.

    With best regards
    satish verma
    Associate Professor
    SGTB Khalsa College
    University of Delhi
    Mob. +919910050111


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