Revision of metric and topological spaces

My latest screencast (available from the web page is from a revision session on metric and topological spaces. This comes from near the beginning of my module G14FUN Functional Analysis. We discussed some exam questions, solutions, and matters arising. In particular, we looked at the uniform metric on sets of continuous functions, and associated issues of completeness and sequential compactness. We also discussed how to use functions to transfer metrics/pseudometrics around, and some associated facts concerning equivalent metrics.
The screencast includes a small, synchronized webcam video of me in the bottom right hand corner. I have solved the blurring issues by making this capture low-resolution. However I may have overdone it! I think that either I need to go for a slightly higher resolution capture, or else have the webcam a little closer to me. I think that the angle is also a little unusual. Perhaps putting the webcam on top of a pile of books would help!
Joel Feinstein
January 29 2010


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