G12MAN Mathematical Analysis

My complete second-year analysis module G12MAN Mathematical Analysis is now available from the University of Nottingham’s Open Educational Repository u-Now (http://unow.nottingham.ac.uk/)

For a direct link to this resource, see


(You can download the whole module as a 1.3 gigabyte zip file from there! But the structure may be clearer if you view the materials onlin.e)

The materials available include the unannotated slides (notes), annotated slides (as written during lectures), screencasts (video of everything seen on the screen during lectures, along with synchronized audio), question sheets and solutions, etc.

The blurb for the module reads as follows.

Mathematical Analysis

This module provides an introduction to mathematical analysis building upon the experience of limits of sequences and properties of real numbers gained in G11ACF and calculus studied in G11CAL. It will include limits and continuity of functions between Euclidean spaces, differentiation and integration.

There will be a variety of very important new concepts introduced. We will study these concepts by investigating the properties of numerous examples, and developing the associated theory, with a strong emphasis on rigorous proof.

Abstract concepts and theory and associated careful definitions and rigorous proofs, play a central role throughout pure mathematics.


One response to “G12MAN Mathematical Analysis

  1. The G12MAN Mathematical Analysis videos are now also being released on YouTube Edu
    and on iTunes U (free iTunes software required)


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