G14FUN Functional Analysis 2006-7 and 2007-8

My level 4 module on Functional Analysis, as taught in 2006-7 and 2007-8,  is now available from the Nottingham U-NoW page


In 2006-7 I taught the module using my tablet PC and made annotated slides available after the lectures. I also recorded the audio from each lecture, but not screencasts: I only started screencasting this academic year.

In 2007-8 I tried an experiment where I used the 2006-7 materials. Instead of standard lectures, I told students to read the annotated slides and listen to audio from 2006-7 up to a certain point, and we then met for question and answer sessions/tutorials/workshops instead.

I found that this worked a bit better for the small fourth year classs than a similar experiment did for a larger third year class.

See my first case study for more on the good and bad points of this methodology



3 responses to “G14FUN Functional Analysis 2006-7 and 2007-8

  1. I have spotted an unfortunate slip in the first paragraph of Section 5.1 (Open Mappings and the Open Mapping Lemma) of the 2006-7 notes/slides.
    Now why didn’t any of the students mention this? The slip has been there since 2005!
    See if you can spot it before reading on …
    (I have fixed this for the 2009-10 students.)


    • Yes, that’s right, the word “continuous” is missing under unfortunate circumstances in that introductory paragraph from 2006-7 Section 5.1.
      It is NOT true that ALL linear surjections between Banach spaces are open maps.


  2. I have now made the screencasts (so far) from the 2009-10 edition of Functional Analysis available from the page http://wp.me/PosHB-8v
    The printed notes and slides are available, with many other module materials, from the Nottingham U-NoW page above. (There have been no significant changes to the printed slides since the earlier edition).


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