Where is the Windows Journal Tutorial?

Hi everyone,

I am running a training session here in Nottingham next week on how to use Windows Journal on a tablet PC. Of course, I have put some tips and tricks on a page on this blog already


However I suggested that it would be a good idea for people to have a look at the Windows Journal Tutorial first, as I found that helpful when I first started. Unfortunately this tutorial appears to have disappeared!

Under “Help” in Windows Journal, when I try “Journal Tutorial” it takes me to a non-existent page at microsoft, which then redirects me to a Bing search, which brings up some online discussions which mention the same non-existent web page … and I am going round in circles. Grr!

So far I have not been able to locate this tutorial using searches on microsoft.com etc.

Can anyone help?



7 responses to “Where is the Windows Journal Tutorial?

  1. When I load Windows Journal, choosing “Journal Tutorial” sends me to
    which redirects to
    which is a “not found” page that redirects after a few seconds to a Bing search, as you say.

    I can’t find either of these links in the internet archive or a Google, Bing or Yahoo! cache.

    The other day I spent a while typing likely phrases into Google, to no avail.

    I put a link to this post on Twitter to see if anyone could help, but I fear it is a lost cause.


  2. I have just submitted the following email to microsoft. Here’s hoping that they can help!

    Dear Microsoft,
    I obtained a teaching grant at Nottingham to buy 5 windows XP tablet PC’s so that some of my colleagues at Nottingham could join me in using these to teach mathematics at the University of Nottingham. (See my teaching blog explainingmaths.wordpress.com for more details)
    When I first learned to use Windows Journal I found the interactive tutorial incredibly helpful. Unfortunately this appears to have vanished without trace from your site. For more details of the problem, see my blog post
    Any help with this would be appreciated.
    Dr Joel Feinstein (Associate Professor, Pure Mathematics, University of Nottingham)


  3. No answer yet Joel?


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