Nottingham iTunes U, top downloads

You can look (iTunes required) at

(long link, split over two lines) to see the most downloaded videos from the growing selection available from the  University of Nottingham on iTunes U.

I’m pleased to see that (at this time) Functional Analysis is doing quite well!



2 responses to “Nottingham iTunes U, top downloads

  1. Very interesting! Can I ask, is the Functional Analysis being used by current students at Nottingham as part of a module?


    • G14FUN Functional Analysis will run once more this year (session 2010-11). Next year (2011-12) a new module, G14FTA Further Topics in Analysis, will replace it. However it is likely that there will be many topics in common between these two modules.
      We also have a Pure Mathematics MSc at the University of Nottingham. The year-long MSc module G14TAN Topics in Analysis currently incorporates the G14FUN lectures in Spring Semester, and in future will incorporate the G14FTA lectures in Spring Semester.


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