Echo360 Personal Capture

This year I obtained a teaching grant from the University of Nottingham so that a few colleagues could join in with my screencasting efforts.  In particular, more staff will try out  portable capture solutions for teaching audio/video. Part of this project involves a comparison between Camtasia and Echo360 Personal Capture.

So far I have focussed on Camtasia, but I am now beginning to investigate Echo360. (Sally Hanford has helped with setting this up and with the behind-the-scenes Echo360 server administration.)

My first attempts at Echo360 Personal Capture have raised a few questions. The software is certainly very easy to use, but (partly as a result) appears to have a relatively limited set of options. The Echo Player does a good job of showing you the screencast, video from webcam (if relevant), and an overview of the slides/sections. However, there is no option (as in Camtasia) to produce (directly) a PIP (picture in picture) video file which incorporates both video feeds in in movie. Of course, I could use Camtasia to take the two video files from Echo360and make a PIP video from these, but this appears to go against the spirit of ease of use that the Echo360 system provides.

There are a few other teething problems, but I am waiting to hear back on these.

When I have produced some interesting videos using this system, I’ll publish them for people to look at.

Joel Feinstein


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