Using IT when teaching mathematics classes

With the help of Peter Rowlett, I am going to run a workshop in Nottingham on the afternoon of Friday November 19th. There will also be contributions from Sally Hanford and Brett Bligh.

Details are available on the page

where you can register via My Academy.

(You will first have to register with  My Academy.)

Here is the blurb for the event.

Friday, November 19, 2010


University of Nottingham

National HE STEM Programme

Using IT when teaching mathematics classes

A workshop offered by the HEA MSOR Network and the University of Nottingham as part of the National HE STEM Programme Mathematical Sciences Curriculum Innovation Project

Date: Friday 19th November

Location: Room C42, Dearing Building, Jubilee Campus, University of Nottingham

Experience has shown that one of the most successful ways to deliver mathematics lectures is by working through handwritten notes and examples. This workshop will explore ways that technology can enhance this process. Tablet PCs offer a modern approach to chalk and talk that can replicate most of the best features of writing on a board while allowing improved delivery, such as being able to annotate existing notes and insert graphics such as circles and lines into diagrams. Using a tablet opens up new opportunities, such as integrating software into lectures and recording onscreen content as video with synchronised sound for later viewing and distribution.

This workshop will demonstrate methods of teaching from a tablet and recording lectures as screencasts that have worked successfully at Nottingham. The focus will be on the approach taken and the effect on teaching practice rather than the technical details, although asking technical questions will be possible. Some examples of screencasts that have been produced are available, see


12:30 Lunch

13:00 Teaching from a tablet PC, Joel Feinstein

14:00 Integrating software into your lectures, Peter Rowlett

14:30 Tea and coffee

14:45 Demonstration of facilities of the Multi-Display Learning Space, Brett Bligh

15:15 Screencasting, Joel Feinstein and Sally Hanford

16:15 Close

The workshop is free to attend but registration is required as places are limited.

Registration: Registration is now open via My Academy:
You will first need to register on the Academy Online website and then register for the particular event you are interested in. If you experience any difficulties, please email Janet Nuttall at j.nuttall[at]

MSOR Network event


3 responses to “Using IT when teaching mathematics classes

  1. Here is some information from Brett Bligh on his contribution:

    There will also be a tour of the Multi-Display Learning Space located in the School of Education. Funded by the Visual Learning Lab, a HEFCE CETL which looked at exciting new ways of using visual technologies in HE to enhance the teaching and learning experience, this space offers a selection of technologies which can be used to support innovative teaching. These technologies include a multi-screen PowerPoint display system and connected Smart boards, configured to allow staff and students to discuss and manipulate multiple pieces of information simultaneously in a way which digitally mimics a multiple blackboard scenario.


  2. This event took place today, with quite a good turnout.
    Thanks to everyone who helped and/or attended.
    I hope that various videos of parts of this event will be available in due course.
    There was a lively discussion about whether the PIP (Picture in Picture) webcam footage of the lecturer really adds any benefit to screencasts. (See the previous post on this.)
    Actually, there are various issues here and probably this should have a new post of its own.


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