Changes in iTunes U and issues with Google Chrome

As mentioned before, a number of my videos are now available from the University of Nottingham‘s iTunes U area. (Apple’s free  iTunes software is required to access this content.)

There have been some changes in Apple’s iTunes U, and so some of the previously published iTunes U links on this blog are no longer correct. (I will have to track these down and fix them!)

Another issue that has arisen with the new version is a known problem with Google’s Chrome browser. When you try to open the iTunes U link above in Chrome (at least currently) Chrome gives you the message that you don’t have iTunes installed (even when you do have the most up-to-date version of iTunes installed).

We have asked Apple, and it turns out that this is a known issue with Chrome. They have pointed us to a couple of links which discuss this problem and some workarounds:


In the end, though, it is probably easiest just to use another browser for now. (Hopefully this will be fixed in Chrome at some point.)

Meanwhile, if you want to go straight to the mathematics content on Nottingham’s iTunes U, the best direct link at the moment is



One response to “Changes in iTunes U and issues with Google Chrome

  1. In fact, the quick tutorial on the page
    worked perfectly for me. My chrome now opens an IE tab in order to open any iTunes links.


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