Echo360 problem with my preferred high-visibility pointers

In my previous post, I discussed the use of CursorAttention with a large red arrow to provide high-visibility pointers when teaching using a tablet.

However, if you are recording a screencast of your lecture, you will want to be sure that your high-visibility pointers actually show up in your recordings!

I have tried this out with both Camtasia and with Echo360 Personal Capture. The CursorAttention pointer records correctly under Camtasia. However, currently, there is a problem with Echo360  and Windows XP which means that the high-visibility pointers do not appear in the Echo360-recorded screencasts.

This problem has been reported to Echo360 support, and they have been able to reproduce the problem under Windows XP. The latest news I have is that they are “prioritizing this request for a future release of [their] product.”

For the moment I will need to stick to Camtasia for my recordings. But at some point we may move over to Windows 7 here, and that might resolve the problem.



3 responses to “Echo360 problem with my preferred high-visibility pointers

  1. Hi Joel,

    I’m a product manager with Echo360. We are indeed looking at adding this support in future versions of Personal Capture. In the meantime, EchoSystem 3.0 has a feature called “External Media Ingest”. This feature allows you to upload screen recordings created with Camtasia into the EchoSystem. The EchoSystem will process these files, create the various outputs required and then automatically publish links to the LMS or other portals. The process is quite simple and very much like using Personal Capture.

    Hope this helps,


    • Thanks for that Carl!
      My current project includes a number of colleagues trying both Echo360 Personal Capture and Camtasia to make recordings of classes.
      So far, Echo360 Personal Capture wins on ease of use for the beginner, but Camtasia wins on advanced options and flexibility (and, currently, on recording my high-visibility pointers!)
      External Media Ingest will be very helpful for those individuals/groups/institutions who wish to make both Camtasia and Echo recordings, and keep them in the same place (using the EchoSystem).


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