G13MIN Measure and Integration 2006-7-8

The module G13MIN Measure and Integration ran for the last time here last year (2009-10). Some of this material will now be taught instead in G13MTS Metric and Topological Spaces, G14FUN Functional Analysis, and the MSc module G14TAN Topics in analysis, and also in the new level 4 module G14FTA Further Topics in Analysis (which will replace G14FUN from 2011-12).

I have made the materials (lecture notes, question sheets and solutions, audio podcasts, etc.) from 2006-7 and 2007-8 available from


Please let me know if you find any broken links!

This version is notable for the use made of the previous year’s audio in the next year’s teaching. See my first case study

Using a tablet PC and audio podcasts in the teaching of undergraduate mathematics modules, adapted from a case study appearing in  Giving a Lecture, Exley and Dennick (April 2009): pdf

for some comments on this. The students were very appreciative of this mode of teaching, but still many students fell behind and /or found the material very hard. There was no control group here, but it appears to me that some students did worse than they would have done if less supporting material had been made available to them.

I hope that these materials will make their way on to UNoW in due course.

At some point I may produce “pause-stripped” versions of the audio. This is an imperfect process, but I have found that approximately 30% of each lecture is silence! I did find some settings for Adobe Audition which did a fairly good job of automatically detecting and removing unwanted long gaps in the audio, and I hope to apply this in batch mode.

Now, back to marking my pile of G12MAN scripts, with an injured right arm …



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