METAL mailing list

Associated with the METAL project and workshops is the METAL mailing list. Below is a copy of a message I just sent out to this list.



I am pleased to see lots of people signing up for the workshop on May 27th in spite of the exam season!

We should have more details of the programme for you soon.

As well as a variety of presentations and a free lunch, we will have “Take the floor”, which will give you a chance to tell us about or show us some of the things you have been doing with multimedia resources. We also expect to have a panel discussion (or similar) where we will discuss questions such as what we think the benefits are of what we are doing, who we are trying to help, and whether we should actually be doing it at all!

Best wishes,


Dr J. Feinstein       Tel:  +44-115-9514968

Pure Mathematics      FAX:  +44-115-9514951

Nottingham NG7 2RD    Web:

United Kingdom        Blog:


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