Using a tablet PC and screencasts – METAL – Camtasia edition

Using a tablet PC and screencasts when teaching mathematics  (Camtasia-recorded screencasts)

Camtasia recordings (screencasts) of the two parts of my talk from the first METAL workshop (last Friday) are now available.  In the second screencast, not much happens on-screen once we get to the questions at the end of the talk.

These recordings were made using Camtasia Studio 7 on my tablet laptop.  On this occasion I did not record any webcam footage of  myself. However, additional recordings of the session (in which I am  visible at least some of the time!) will be available in due course: we used several different methods to record some of these sessions, and it will be interesting to compare the results.

The two relevant Camtasia recordings are at


The extracts I showed the audience (using the resident PC) between these two portions (when I stopped the Camtasia recording) were taken from
(Beyond Infinity, March 2010 edition)
(G12MAN Mathematical Analysis, Chapter 4, Slides 1-5)



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