METAL Workshop II: Welcome and Using tablet PCs (Camtasia edition)

Hi everyone,

Here are the Camtasia recordings of my sessions from the second METAL workshop. This time I have included some webcam footage. In fact, the audio is also recorded using the webcam, in an aim to see what the results are with minimal additional equipment. (Usually I use some high quality Sennheiser wireless microphones.)

There is some audio distortion: I think that the sensitivity in Camtasia was too high. (Or possibly I failed to turn on the power at the wall, which also leads to sound distortion.)

The angle I chose for the webcam is quite good when I am leaning over the tablet, and not so good when I am standing back. Perhaps further away would also have helped with the audio.

My eight-minute welcome talk is available at

My 74-minute talk on tablet PCs and screencasts (unedited, including lots of questions and a bonus fire alarm test!), is available at



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