Endomorphisms of commutative semiprime Banach algebras

My recent talk at the 20th International Conference on Banach Algebras, Waterloo, Ontario, is now available on YouTube at
I will also make it available by other means in due course. [See comments below.]

I used my Logitech USB webcam to record both the PiP footage of me, and also to record the audio. This is my “travel light” solution. On the technical production side, this of course gives lower quality audio recordings than using a more expensive microphone. Lighting conditions were also not ideal, but there was no way that I was going to take my desk lamp with me!

In the conference room, the data projection screen was on one side of the room, with the computer on the other. This made it hard for people to look at me and the screen at the same time. This should be easier to do on this video.

This is the first time that I have used Camtasia to record a screencast of a conference talk, and although the result looks and sounds  OK, I think that there is plenty of scope for improvement. There is a whole new set of issues which I still need to think about here compared with undergraduate lectures. I will address some of these questions in a future post.



3 responses to “Endomorphisms of commutative semiprime Banach algebras

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  2. I have now also made the video available at
    (using flash player: this is my favourite means of scrolling through the video.)


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