U-NoW updated with new interface

I see that the University of Nottingham’s U-NoW pages have now been upgraded. See http://unow.nottingham.ac.uk/

It should now be easier to find the resources available there.

Some , but not all, of my own resources are found by the search queries


5 responses to “U-NoW updated with new interface

  1. In fact, there is a Faculty of Science area, within which you can choose resources from Mathematical Sciences. This corresponds to the link
    There is also an rss feed at


  2. Hello,
    I am interested in the fact that you making available on iTunes U your lectures and learning material from current modules. May I ask, what is your motivation for doing this? I am interested especially as I am researching the use of iTunes U as a channel of open educational resources.


    • The answer to this is not straightforward!
      Of course you can read my motivation for making videos available to my own students in my case studies. But when it comes to making the videos available to a wider audience, perhaps the single biggest thing is that I like explaining stuff, and it feels good to think that people around the globe may find my explanations helpful. I am also making the videos available on YouTube, and it is particularly easy to see there how often and where my videos are being watched.
      Mixed in with this is the fact that I am representing the University of Nottingham, and promoting both my own teaching and the University of Nottingham’s resources worldwide.
      I also hope that people may be led to this blog, in order to discuss some of the questions I have raised here.
      Finally, I have had correspondence with OER Africa. It is very useful for them (and presumably other similar organizations) to have access to complete modules from reputable institutions worldwide in order to support teaching at universities which have more limited resources.
      So you could say it is a mixture of things ranging from altruism through professional pride to vanity!


  3. Thank you for your candor; extremely helpful!

    One last question: do students ever comment negatively about the fact that you are making available free, what they are paying large sums to have access to in their degrees? I have encountered this in discussions about open content, and though I have my own answers, and I thought I’d take the opportunity and ask someone at the coal face:-)


    • No-one has ever commented negatively on this yet.
      Of course, you can not obtain a University of Nottingham degree just by studying my module online.
      I think that having a degree from a reputable University is perceived as particularly valuable.
      Understanding the maths without obtaining the degree probably does not look to be as valuable.


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