YouTube Edu Mathematics changes

YouTube Edu Mathematics continues to evolve
You won’t find any of my classes under Analysis, but if you scroll down to the bottom of the list you will find “Pure Mathematics”. Apparently only my own videos count as Pure Mathematics on YouTube. (Perhaps someone should tell them otherwise?)

A new addition just below Pure Mathematics is a collection called “Mathematics” (so this is the Mathematics – Mathematics collection).

My recent Definitions Proofs and Examples (DPE) videos (along with some older sessions on How and why we do Mathematical proofs) appear there as a course (see

At the moment there is a problem on YouTube affecting our new uploads: as a result the third DPE video is currently “private”. But hopefully this should be resolved soon. [Note added Nov 17th 2011: this problem has now been resolved.]

I don’t fully understand this final Mathematics – Mathematics collection, but perhaps its role will become clearer with time.


One response to “YouTube Edu Mathematics changes

  1. Aha, I found a few more of my videos lurking in there:
    My lecture on Riemann Integration makes it onto the page
    and my Banach-Alaoglu theorem lecture makes it onto the page
    I also have a couple more in the “Mathematics – Mathematics” collection.


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