Programme for the third Nottingham METAL (Media Enhanced Teaching and Learning) Workshop

STEM-MSOR-NottinghamMETAL (Media Enhanced Teaching and Learning) Workshop III

Wednesday 11th January from 10:30-16:00

Keighton Auditorium, University Park, Nottingham NG7 2RD

The registration form is available at (registration will close at 11:59PM on Sunday 8th January 2012).


10:30 Start and coffee

10:45 Workshop welcome – Joel Feinstein, Peter Rowlett and Claire Chambers

10:50 Interactive Teaching Rooms – Demonstration by Sally Hanford and Bill Vickers from Information Services at The University of Nottingham

11:10 Taking the ‘where’ out of Teaching – Paul Nathanail, School of Geography

The use of online lecturing, collaborative and tutorial environments to teach – illustrated with examples from the online MRes contaminated land programme

11:50   ‘Take the Floor’ session – Geoffrey Hulman

‘Pathology Mini Tutorial Video Podcasts to Supplement Medical Student Teaching’

12:00 ‘Take the Floor’ session – Guillermo Guzman Dumont, Department of Architecture and Built Environment

12:20 Lunch and coffee, followed by an opportunity to remotely participate in a live E-Learning Community event (Keighton Auditorium, 12:30–14:00) or to try out the METAL project software* and equipment (Keighton foyer area)

14:00 ‘Take the Floor’ session – Philip Ingrey, School of Mathematical Sciences

14:10 ‘Take the Floor’ session – Liz Mossop, School of Veterinary Medicine & Science

14:20 Video conferencing, web conferencing and associated technologies – Ian Pearshouse from Information Services at The University of Nottingham

14:40 Using last year’s recordings** – Joel Feinstein, School of Mathematical Sciences

15:00 Alternatives to lectures*** – Peter Rowlett, HE Curriculum Innovation Advisor for the Maths, Stats and OR Network

15:30 Coffee and Discussion/ feedback

16:00 Close

* If you want to try Camtasia, and you don’t have a licence yet, please bring a laptop with the 30 day trial installed. You can download the trial version from:

** See also my first case study, Using a tablet PC and audio podcasts in the teaching of undergraduate mathematics modules, available at

*** See also the NPR item at (Thanks to David Hodge for spotting that item!)


3 responses to “Programme for the third Nottingham METAL (Media Enhanced Teaching and Learning) Workshop

  1. This video of the engaging keynote speech “Don’t lecture me” by Donald Clark at the ALT (Association of Learning Technology) Conference 2010 discusses the effectiveness of the lecture as a teaching tool.


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