Think of a function

A few more of the Nottingham Core Topics in University Mathematics videos are now available on YouTube, including my video Think of a function. Unfortunately the printed text is a bit hard to read (small at normal size, fuzzy at full screen). Otherwise, I think that the University of Nottingham’s Video Productuion Group (led by Alan Mintey) have done an excellent job on these videos.
These videos are primarily aimed at first-year students, but in the past my second-year students have also had difficulties with “Think of a function”-style questions.
In this video I use the term range to mean image of the function here (this appears to be the Nottingham standard), not the codomain of the function. Some, including Tim Gowers, prefer to use range to mean codomain (this appears to be the Cambridge standard). Perhaps we should simply ban the use of the word “range”!
The blurb from the video says simply:

This video discusses how to choose a function with specified properties.




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