Measure Theory screencasts

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the complete set of audio recordings, annotated slides etc. from my former module G13MIN Measure and Integration is available online. However I had not yet started recording screencasts at that time.

There is currently no dedicated Measure and Integration module running at Nottingham. However, the new module G14FTA Further Topics in Analysis does include some material on measure theory, and I am making screencasts of these classes.

The first of these screencasts (the last 15 minutes of today’s G14FTA lecture) is now available at

Here I introduce the extended real line

\overline{\mathbb{R}} = \mathbb{R}\cup\{{-\infty},\infty\}

explaining how to give \overline{\mathbb{R}} an appropriate total order and a metrizable topology extending those on \mathbb{R} (but not, of course, extending the usual metric!).

One of my favourite facts here is the apparent tautology that n \to \infty as n \to \infty!


One response to “Measure Theory screencasts

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for posting these online. I took these courses a while back but doubt I got as much out of them then as I am now.


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