What went wrong today?

It must be something about Fridays? For the first half of today’s G14FTA lecture, when I was finishing off Section 3.1 introducing the extended real line, I had the following problems.

  • My laptop was on battery power for most of that session, which resulted in the usual audio distortion and lack of synchronization in the recording. This was because I had yet again failed to flick the switch at the power socket. As usual, I only noticed this near the end of the recording when something unusual happened during one of my pen strokes. See if you can spot this in the recording!
  • Somehow I managed to swap the Camtasia PiP video input setting from my external USB webcam to the laptop’s internal webcam. As a result, that webcam footage is not very useful, because most of the time it shows a portion of the ceiling, including a rather bright ceiling light. Also, it could be alarming to see my giant hand approaching the screen repeatedly. So I am going to discard the PiP video from that session.
  • My Cursor Attention settings were also off, so that I had a pink/red spot instead of my usual red arrow when I wanted to point things out.

Hopefully I fixed all of these for the second half of the class. I’ll know soon!


2 responses to “What went wrong today?

  1. No, I still had the wrong video input for the next bit, Section 3.2 on arithmetic and series in \null [0,\infty].
    Oh well, at least I was on mains power and had my red arrow working (that is, until the show/hide toggle button for the red arrow stopped working properly …)
    There is some background hiss on the audio. Presumably this is because I am using my webcam for the audio input rather than a higher quality microphone. I think the audio is clear enough, though.
    Recordings will be available shortly.


  2. It is possible that the audio was recorded using the laptop’s internal microphone, rather than the webcam’s microphone!
    Let’s see how much of this I can get right next time …


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