Camtasia problems

It looks as if some of the problems may not be “my fault” after all!

Camtasia has started to revert automatically to its internal webcam as soon as I start my recordings, in spite of the settings being correct and the webcam input showing the correct webcam image (via Camtasia) before I press the recording button. Curiously this is only happening in the lecture room, and not as yet in my office. The last time I had this type of mysterious effect it was related to mains power vs battery, but I don’t think that is the issue this time, as I am (usually) very careful to make sure that I am on mains power.

The problems might be related to some internal settings. Or maybe a conflict between Camtasia and the Logitech webcam driver. Yet I successfully recorded my “follow my face test” video last week.

More testing is in order in order to reproduce this fault under more controlled conditions. Perhaps my laptop just needs a restart!

Until this is resolved, my published screencasts will not include PiP video of me from the webcam.

See comments below for my “solution”!


3 responses to “Camtasia problems

  1. OK, well the “good” news is that I can reproduce the fault in my office now.
    The bad news is that I can’t avoid reproducing it.
    Is it really worth it, when some people think that the PiP footage actually distracts from the rest of the content?
    But I really would like to give the “follow-my-face” software a proper chance in lecture conditions if possible.
    I’ll try reinstalling the drivers, and maybe even reinstalling Camtasia! But if the problem persists I will have to give up on my portable PiP recordings for now.


  2. Problem now apparently solved, in typical computer fashion.
    In Camtasia’s record the screen mode (camrecorder) I tused the toggle button to turn the webcam off. Then I turned the webcam on again.
    The video problem has now gone away. It is happy to record from my external webcam again now! (Note that it previously did actually often claim that it was doing so, even when it wasn’t.)
    I can now spot the blue light indicator when it is really using the internal webcam, so I shouldn’t be caught out the same way again.
    The audio does revert to the internal microphone every time I restart Camtasia, but I can just keep an eye on that. Perhaps I can fix this elsewhere in the settings?
    Grumble … Computers! Grumble.


  3. … and yes, I was able to change the default audio input device using the audio setup wizard in Camtasia’s voice narration .
    Actually I had the “manual input selection” radio button selected for some reason rather than “microphone”. But either way, you can choose the device there, and this becomes the default when you use “Record the screen”.


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