Camtasia Custom Presets

In case it is useful, I thought I would make available the custom presets I have used to produce my Camtasia videos. I have used these successfully with both Camtasia 6 and Camtasia 7.

These files should go in the folder Camtasia Studio\Custom Production Presets (or whatever it is called on your machine) and Camtasia will then find them when it asks you what template you want at the production stage.

You will need to edit them for your own purposes (probably from within Camtasia). In particular, these templates result in me getting the credit for the video!

I currently produce videos at size 960×600, because my Toshiba tablet screen is 16×10.

Here are links to the two custom preset files I use. I suggest that you right-click on each link and save the file (they are xml files).

JoelMedium: for production of a screencast without additional webcam footage

JoelMediumPip: for production of a screencast with additional webcam footage as a picture-in-picture


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