The University of Nottingham Catalogue of Modules

On UCAS visit days I am sometimes asked for a full list of all of our modules and their details.

In fact, the University of Nottingham Catalogue of Modules is available online at

In particular, you can choose Mathematical Sciences as the Administering School to see details of all of our modules.

Here is a copy of the current list this produces (as of March 23 2012).


Modules offered by Mathematical Sciences in year “11/12”

Modules highlighted in green have been identified as being particularly suitable for first year students, including those from other schools

Modules highlighted in yellow have been designated by the offering school as particularly suited to students from outside the school.

Modules highlighted in grey have been suspended and are not running for this session.


Autumn semester

Level 1

  G11FPM Foundations of Pure Mathematics  
  G11PRB Probability  
  HG1DMA Discrete Mathematics and its Applications  
  HG1EM1 Environment Engineering Mathematics 1  
  HG1M01 Calculus and its Applications  
  HG1M11 Engineering Mathematics 1  
  HG1MC1 Mathematics for Chemistry 1  

Level 2

  G12MAN Mathematical Analysis  
  G12VEC Vector Calculus  
  HG2M03 Advanced Calculus and Differential Equation Techniques  
  HG2M13 Differential Equations and Calculus for Engineers  
  HG2ME1 Mathematical Techniques for Electrical and Electronic Engineers 1  

Level 3

  G13AQT Advanced Quantum Theory  
  G13DIF Differential Equations  
  G13FNT Further Number Theory  
  G13GRA Graph Theory  
  G13GTH Group Theory  
  G13INF Statistical Inference  
  G13MMB Mathematical Medicine and Biology  
  G13MTS Metric and Topological Spaces  
  G13STM Stochastic Models  
  HG3MMM Mathematics for Engineering Management  
  HG3MOD Advanced Mathematical Techniques in Ordinary Differential Equations for Engineers  

Level 4

  G14ADE Advanced Techniques for Differential Equations  
  G14AGE Algebraic Geometry  
  G14CO2 Functions of a Complex Variable  
  G14COA Complex Analysis  
  G14DGE Differential Geometry  
  G14ELA Elasticity  
  G14FOS Fundamentals of Statistics  
  G14NWA Nonlinear Waves  
  G14PJA Project (Autumn)  
  G14PSC Programming for Scientific Computation  
  G14PTH Probability Theory  
  G14QIS Introduction to Quantum Information Science  
  G14QUF Quadratic Forms and Central Simple Algebras  
  G14VMS Variational Methods  

Spring semester

Level 1

  G11MSS Mathematical Structures  
  G11STA Statistics  
  HG1EM2 Environment Engineering Mathematics 2  
  HG1M12 Engineering Mathematics 2  
  HG1MC2 Mathematics for Chemistry 2  

Level 2

  G12COF Complex Functions  
  G12DEF Differential Equations and Fourier Analysis  
  HG2M02 Applied Algebra  
  HG2ME2 Mathematical Techniques for Electrical and Electronic Engineers 2  
  HG2MPN Probabilistic and Numerical Techniques for Engineers  
  HG2MPS Probabilistic and Statistical Techniques for Engineers  

Level 3

  G13CCR Coding and Cryptography  
  G13EMA Electromagnetism  
  G13FLU Fluid Dynamics  
  G13GAM Game Theory  
  G13LNA Linear Analysis  
  G13MAF Mathematical Finance  
  G13NGA Number Fields and Galois Theory  
  G13REL Relativity  
  G13RIM Rings and Modules  
  G13TSC Topics in Scientific Computation  
  G13TST Topics in Statistics  
  HG3MCE Computerised Mathematical Methods in Engineering  

Level 4

  G14AFM Advanced Fluid Mechanics  
  G14ANS Applications of Statistics  
  G14ANT Algebraic Number Theory  
  G14ASP Advanced Stochastic Processes  
  G14BLH Black Holes  
  G14CGT Combinatorial Group Theory  
  G14CLA Computational Linear Algebra  
  G14CSB Computational and Systems Biology  
  G14EUQ Error and Uncertainty Quantification  
  G14FTA Further Topics in Analysis  
  G14MOP Mathematical Optics  
  G14PJS Project (Spring)  
  G14SFM Stochastic Financial Modelling  
  G14TBM Topics in Biomedical Mathematics  
  G14TBS Topics in Biomedical Statistics  
  G14TCM Topics in Continuum Mechanics  
  G14TFG Time Series and Forecasting  
  G14TNS Theoretical Neuroscience  
  HG4BML Biomaterials Modelling (L)  
  HG4BMS Biomaterials Modelling (S)  
  HG4MCV Complex Variable Techniques in Engineering  
  HG4MPD Mathematical Techniques in Partial Differential Equations for Engineers  

Full Year

Level 0

  HG0FAM Foundation Algebra and Mathematical Techniques  
  HG0FCA Foundation Calculus  
  HG0FNB Foundation Mathematics for Biological Sciences  

Level 1

  G11ACF Analytical and Computational Foundations  
  G11APP Applied Mathematics  
  G11CAL Calculus  
  G11LMA Linear Mathematics  
  HG1CLA Calculus and Linear Algebra  
  HG1FNC Foundation Mathematics  
  HG1MPA Mathematics for Physics and Astronomy  

Level 2

  G12ALN Algebra and Number Theory  
  G12IMP Introduction to Mathematical Physics  
  G12INM Introduction to Numerical Methods  
  G12MDE Modelling with Differential Equations  
  G12PMM Probability Models and Methods  
  G12PSM Professional Skills for Mathematicians  
  G12SMM Statistical Models and Methods  

Level 3

  G13CMM Communicating Mathematics  
  G13MCD Modelling Chaos and Disorder  
  G13MED Medical Statistics  

Level 4

  G14CST Computational Statistics  
  G14DIS Mathematics Dissertation  
  G14PBM Practical Biomedical Modelling  
  G14QFT Quantum Field Theory  
  G14TAN Topics in Analysis  
  G14TGT Topics in Group Theory  
  G14TNT Topics in Number Theory  
  G14VOC Vocational Mathematics  

Summer semester

Level 4

  G14GPD Gravity, Particles and Fields Dissertation  
  G14MBD Mathematical Medicine and Biology Dissertation  
  G14PMD Pure Mathematics Dissertation  
  G14SCD Scientific Computation Dissertation  
  G14SDS Statistics Dissertation  

Jan Year semester

Level 0

  HG0FAJ Foundation Algebra and Mathematical Techniques (J)  
  HG0FCJ Foundation Calculus (J)



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