Gloves for iPad

My METAL project has bought a couple of iPads, and I am trying one out to see whether I could use it to present classes. The software available is very nice and amazingly cheap … more on that another time. But what is the best way to write? I have obtained a Jot Pro stylus, which is pretty good as these things go. But at the moment there is no good way to rest my hand on the screen as I can when using my Toshiba Tablet PC.

What is the best way round this at the moment? Well, I did find that my leather gloves do work: they are thick enough to prevent my hand being detected by the iPad. Thin rubber washing gloves don’t work: it is capacitance not conductance that matters here?  I’m not an expert on this, so perhaps someone better informed can explain!

Searching on Amazon for iPad gloves brings up plenty of options.  I have just ordered

Men’s Knitted Touch Screen Gloves with grey tips for touch screen phones and ipods

though perhaps these will turn out to be too small. Of course my hand is likely to get rather hot by the end of the lecture!

I will report back in due course.


5 responses to “Gloves for iPad

  1. Of course this is not exactly what these gloves were intended to do!
    Does anyone have a better solution at the moment? Or do we need to wait for a bluetooth iPad stylus or similar?


  2. Maybe you want to try another approach by using Apps that provide you with a “palm rest”. Noteshelf is a good choice (a wide variety of papers, pen thickness and colors in addition to a sophisticated graphical engine). The only problem is that you can not load PDF documents into it, which could be problematic if you intend to use it with your lecture notes.


    • Thanks!
      I’ll certainly try it out to see whether the “palm rest” is effective for me.
      I am currently trying iAnnotate PDF, which does very good inking when annotating PDFs. But it is still not really ideal for my purposes.
      Moving away from PDFs, I quite like the screencasting features of “Explain Everything”. But the inking doesn’t appear to be as good.


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  4. I’m not sure if you solved your problem yet, but upad is another iPad app with a palm rest. One of its features is that you can open and annotate PDFs in it, which might suit your purpose. There is a free lite version, which also includes this functionality.


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