Lenovo tablet pen problems

OK, it looks as if there are some differences between the Lenovo tablet pen and the Toshiba tablet pen. I can use either pen on my Lenovo tablet, but my writing style gives trouble with the Lenovo pen and not with the Toshiba pen.

I have a sample PDF comparing the results, based on a “just firmer than medium” Tip Feel option in the Pen Tablet Properties control panel Pen tab.

As you can see from the sample PDF, with the Lenovo pen, a stroke is added joining the bottom of the final g to the dot of the i, while there is no such issue with the Toshiba pen.

[And it is supposed to say “very fast” not “very last!”]

Either I need to press less hard, or actively stop the pen when I finish the final g, or I should just use the Toshiba pen!


2 responses to “Lenovo tablet pen problems

  1. Having just seen how hard you press…

    My thoughts are that you need to learn to press less like you’re trying to pierce the screen and write on the motherboard, and more like you’re trying just hard enough to make the screen detect you. 🙂


  2. I still get the problem to some extent even when I press gently!
    I think it is also to do with my speed, and/or staying very close to the screen when I move from the end of the g to dotting the i.
    But if I am gentle AND slow, then the problem goes.
    One thing is clear: there is a big difference between the two pens in my case.


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