Seeking a two-button tablet pen

It may be because my hands are too large, but I do keep catching the right-click button on any of the tablet pens I have. In the end I have had to disable this button, even though it is rather useful to have it bring up a pop-up menu with some key-strokes for when I am in tablet mode. (I could take a  USB keyboard with me of course. Maybe I’ll get a small wireless USB keyboard in order to provide convenient keystrokes when necessary.)

The tablet control panel indicates that it can support a two-button pen, but I have yet to find one that works. We have tried a Wacom Bamboo pen

but unfortunately my Lenovo tablet can’t see it.

Are there any two-button tablet pens out there which will work on my Lenovo tablet?



One response to “Seeking a two-button tablet pen

  1. I have the same problem. It seems there are no 2-button pens available for Lenovo. Instead I use a Wacom graphics tablet – a medium sized Wacom Bamboo. The pen supplied with it has two buttons and an eraser tip at the non-business end. It is much more convenient.


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