Stop, Start, Continue

People talk about issuing “Stop, Start, Continue” questionnaires to their students … though I hear that these days an alternative is to ask “What Works Well” and “What could be even better?”.

I generally make online forms available to my students so that they can give me anonymous feedback. Of course you generally don’t get many people filling these in. I may issue a paper-based form requesting early comments.

So far three of my 270 first-year Pure Maths (G11FPM) students have responded to my request to fill in the online form. There are already some interesting suggestions there: could they have a summary sheet listing commonly used notation to help them while they are getting used to it? That may be a good idea, though I wouldn’t want them to become dependent on such a sheet, and I wouldn’t allow it to be taken into the exam.

I included a question on pace. Two of them said the pace was mostly good. One of these said it was sometimes a bit slow and the other said it was sometimes a bit fast. The third one says that the pace is too fast for them. (Hopefully the videos will help those who are finding it hard to keep up.)


2 responses to “Stop, Start, Continue

  1. I am planning to give something out on paper next week like this. Now you’ve made we wonder if I should modify my planned Start Stop Continue (it does feel like it welcomes criticism a little bit for its own sake rather than in a particularly focused constructive fashion (Stop does, at least)). The advantage I have is a smaller class than previous years so I feel less need for the online approach.


    • I may well hand out a paper version too, because relatively few students provide online feedback (usually about 10% over the whole module, after multiple requests and reminders). A paper-based form handed out now is likely to be more effective.


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