Gyration Air Mouse Elite

My departrment (actually the School of Mathematical Sciences) has now bought me a new “toy”: a Gyration Air Mouse Elite.

This will allow me to wander around the room, while still controlling my digital pointer (Cursor Attention at the moment, though the Air Mouse software does also come with its own digital pointer that I could use).

The mouse has programmable buttons (once you install the software). The behaviour of the buttons varies with “context”. By default this means the buttons behave differently if you are using PowerPoint, a web browser, a media player, or none of these. This is very clever, but I may delete (or deactivate) some of these extra contexts in the end, as I don’t want to get any unexpected surprises when I am trying to use the programmed buttons to toggle the digital pointer on and off (etc.).

Controlling the cursor with the mouse in the air does need a little practice, but I am rather impressed with this device. I expect to use this when recording my lectures next year. (Note that laser pointers are not helpful when recording screencasts! And I’m a bit scared of laser pointers anyway ….)




2 responses to “Gyration Air Mouse Elite

  1. Wow – I’d like to see a demo


  2. If all goes well I should have some videos to show after the University Open Days at the end of this week!


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