In-class voting systems

For the last two years I have been using coloured card voting packs for in-class voting on multiple choice questions. This has worked quite well, but it may possibly be better to use modern technology.

With a large class (250+) it can be inconvenient to issue “clickers” to everyone at the start of the class and collect them back in at the end (though some colleagues say they do not find this a problem). One solution here is give every student a clicker when they arrive, but this does cost money.

Another possibility is to look for suitable ways to allow students to vote using their smartphones/tablets. I am hoping to find a way to do this, though some colleagues have expressed the opinion that students are likely to be distracted by these devices if they are out in front of them during the class.

The simplest free solution here for what I want looks to be Socrative (, but I am worried that this may become unstable if more than 50 students enter the same virtual room.

There are many other systems available, but most are far more complicated than I want. I just want to be able to get real-time results for votes on multiple choice questions with, say, up to 5 answers.

Of course it would be good if students could vote for more than one option, as I sometimes like to ask “which of the following are correct”. But I could live without that if I had to.

Maybe what I need is something like a “local socrative server”?




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