Foundations of Pure Mathematics

This year all of the Echo360 recordings of my module G11FPM Foundations of Pure Mathematics worked successfully, with the exception of the very first (introductory) lecture. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t still make some slips. I don’t understand how I can possibly have said some of the things I heard when listening to these recordings! And I made a factor 2 error while rushing at the end of the section on “A fine mesh!”. Still, I have arranged, with the help of Sally Hanford, that these videos will now slowly be released on YouTube and iTunes U over the next few months.

We will have to use the first lecture from 2012-13 instead, where I used a different voting system: this year I moved from coloured card voting to mobile phone voting.

See for the introductory lecture on YouTube.


One response to “Foundations of Pure Mathematics

  1. I see that Google’s auto-generated list at has picked my first video up.
    Soon there will be a proper G11FPM YouTube playlist: I’ll provide links to this and to the iTunes album. Videos will be coming out on slow release over the next weeks.


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