Forthcoming exam and Echo360 videos

Next week about 212 students will take the G11FPM Foundations of Pure Mathematics exam. Fortunately I will have some help with the marking.

This is the third year that I have been teaching this module. I was happy enough with the way it went that I was willing for the videos to be released on YouTube and on iTunes U.  These videos are doing well on YouTube and iTunes. But has the audience of first-year University of Nottingham maths undergraduates understood what I have been talking about? I’ll find out next week!

This year’s complete set of videos is already available to the local undergraduates via the EchoCenter. These recordings were made using the resident Echo360 lecture capture system. Unlike the YouTube and iTunes U videos, there is a second video stream available with each Echo recording which has footage of me. But they don’t have to have that window open if they find it distracting.

I can see stats of how many students are watching each video. Not that many watched the videos while lectures were actually running (though some students definitely made good use of them). But they are getting a lot more popular now!


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