Top maths collections on iTunes U

Well it looks like it is harder to get to the top of the iTunes U mathematics Top Collections! See (which should cause iTunes to open and display the list).

Looking at where my own iTunes U albums come in that list,  my Functional Analysis album is currently 36th, Mathematical Analysis is 56th, Advanced Mathematics is 62nd, but Foundations of Pure Mathematics looks to be catching up (currently 71st).

I guess that it will be hard to match singingbanana (I mean Quite Easily Done)!

However, if you actually search for Pure Mathematics in the iTunes store, very few collections show, and most of the iTunes U Episodes showing are mine. I’m not sure what that means!


2 responses to “Top maths collections on iTunes U

  1. I spoke too soon! I think the ranking at must be quite unstable. My Functional Analysis collection has hit the number 1 spot!
    Foundations of Pure Maths is languishing down at position (but hopefully not room) 101 for now.


  2. Definitely unstable! My Functional Analysis collection is back down in 19th place now. Perhaps a class somewhere has just had a Functional Analysis exam! Foundations of Pure Maths now down to 124th. I suppose the instability may mean that none of the maths collections are getting that many views at the moment, so that the ranking is vulnerable to small effects?


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