YouTube vs iTunes U

As an experiment, I just did a search for “Equivalence Relations” (with or without the s) on iTunes. Very little turns up in the search results. The only Collection shown is my G11FPM, and the only iTunes U Episode shown is one of my lectures. That seems surprisingly little given how many institutions are making materials available out there.

Compare this with a search on YouTube:

gives over 3000 results, and my  lecture on this only just makes it into the current top 20.

Is it just this topic where few of the iTunes U Universities are contributing? Or is it a more general pure mathematics shortage on iTunes U? Or is it a metadata problem, where not enough content detail is included in the iTunes descriptions?


2 responses to “YouTube vs iTunes U

  1. Dear Prof. Feinstein,

    I really liked your screen casts on mathematical analysis. I came about them when I was looking for a brief and deep explanation of pointwise and uniform convergence of functions on the web. It is chapter 9 of the module G12MAN. As I found that video very analytical, well explained and useful I decided to go over the entire course. I need strong math background as I am gonna do PhD in economics. The only problem that I would be happy to see solved and I think most of other non – native English speakers would be is providing subtitles to the screen casts. Although I understand the main streamline of the logic there are several words and phrases that I did not really catch. I tried automatic cc on youtube and better not to use them. So, I little advice would be add subtitles to the screen casts (if it is possible of course) and then I am sure your videos will be more popular. I ahve already started spreading word about them in my classroom.


  2. Thanks for that!
    I agree that it would be good to have subtitles available.
    (The automatic subtitles from YouTube are always very funny when it comes to maths!)
    By now I have over 80 hours of videos out there, so I might have to be selective when it comes to subtitles. It is possible to, but quite expensive, to get help with the subtitling (and I would probably still have to make corrections). But I will look into the possibility of doing this for selected videos.


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