It works better if you switch it on

Yesterday afternoon I gave a talk about Lecture Capture. I was in a room where I needed to run recording software on my own laptop, and I was a bit out of practice, so in the morning I recorded a lecture using the same method. That worked OK! So I was fairly confident that I would get a decent recording in the afternoon.

One of the points I mentioned repeatedly in the talk was the importance of making sure that your laptop is plugged in to mains power when you are using several pieces of resource-hungry software at the same time. So it was ironic that I had failed to flick the power switch at the socket, and my laptop was running on battery power throughout the session. As a result, my own recording has a number of the usual issues, including poor sound quality.

Perhaps I should still publish the recording, since, as well as having some useful guidance in it, it also serves as an illustration of what can happen if you fail to follow the guidance!


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