Mathematics as an oak tree

The University of Nottingham’s Ivan Fesenko was interviewed today on the radio about the project (a Nottingham/Oxford collaboration) to attack two famous open problems (the Riemann Hypothesis and the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture).

I’m not sure whether you can play this audio outside the UK (or how long it will be available for) but it is currently at

starting at time 1:22:30


2 responses to “Mathematics as an oak tree

  1. Hi Joel
    Very entertaining, thanks!
    The bbc recording will be available on the bbc site for 28 days.
    However, we (and many other universities) subscribe to a service called BoB (Box of Broadcasts) where it is available forever so I have made a clip of this part:

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  2. Thanks for doing that!
    I see that the small print says that we are only allowed to access and play these clips in the UK.


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