Talking of Teaching

The University of Nottingham has a blog called Talking of Teaching at

They have just posted links to the recordings of the seminars three of us gave on March 4th at a Teaching and Learning seminar.

Mine is available at

Three points to note:

  • I had my webcam at a slightly awkward angle, and it was set to “follow my face” (software, not mechanical), which means that the viewer can get a bit seasick if I move around too much.
  • As mentioned in an earlier post, I failed to turn the mains power on at the socket. This has affected the audio quality in my recording. This was ironic, because one of the points I mentioned was how important it was to make sure that your laptop is on mains power if you are using software on the laptop to record audio/video. (In this case I was using Echo360 Personal Capture on my laptop.)
  • The small blue square visible in my recording was not visible on my laptop  screen. Echo360 Personal Capture apparently doesn’t always capture exactly what you see on your screen. (We have raised this as an issue with Echo360.) Subjectively, I have found that Camtasia is more reliable from the point of view of recording what you actually have showing on your screen, but that Echo360 appears to maintain synchronization better between the various recorded streams. Some sub-comments here:
    – I have no “small square” problems when using the resident Echo360 systems (which, I think, actually record what is being sent to the data projector).
    – Things have improved! A few years ago, Echo360 Personal Capture could not record my “digital pointer” (CursorAttention) properly: where I saw a clear red highlighter on my screen, the recording showed a generic mouse pointer instead.) We raised this as an issue then, and it looks like it has been fixed.

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