Lecture Capture in Mathematics (Cardiff, April 2015)

My talk in Cardiff last week at the Learning and Teaching Workshop organised by Dr Rob Wilson, Cardiff, April 23 2015 (see https://explainingmaths.wordpress.com/2015/04/22/learning-and-teaching-workshop-at-cardiff/) is currently available at http://wirksworthii.nottingham.ac.uk/webcast/maths/Cardiff-April-2015/ (I think this may require flash player?). This link will have to change by the end of July 2015. But by then the video may have appeared on YouTube and iTunes. [Note added: see the relevant blog post.] I recorded this video on my tablet using Camtasia and my webcam. I set the webcam up to use its “follow-my-face” option, which has pluses and minuses. In the end I think it may be better to stick to some fixed wider angle instead (so that the audience doesn’t get seasick!) But follow-my-face is definitely an interesting option.


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