Banach Algebras 2015

I’m currently at the 23rd international conference on Banach Algebras. This year we are at the Fields Institute in Toronto.

They are recording videos of all of our talks: see

My talk isn’t there yet (at the time of writing), but the talk of Sam Morley (one of my PhD students) is ready.

There have been lots of excellent talks, as you would expect from the list of speakers.

Now I just have to dodge the thunderstorms this evening …


2 responses to “Banach Algebras 2015

  1. More videos have now been added, including mine. Unfortunately (unless it is just my laptop) the sound quality doesn’t appear to be good for my talk. Perhaps I was talking loudly and the microphone sensitivity was set too high for me. There also appear to be a lot of extra sound effects coming from somewhere. Maybe there was a different microphone recording sound from somewhere else?
    I don’t suppose anything can be done about it.
    and, in particular,


  2. Yes, I asked Fields, and something was wrong. They usually check that the microphone round the speaker’s neck is on and working, but they didn’t do this on this occasion … and the microphone must have been off. As a result, the sound was recorded from various microphones around the room. This explains why you can, at various points, hear papers rustling, people chatting, laptops beeping …
    Apparently, when the correct microphone is working, the system automatically ignores the sound input from the other microphones in the room.
    Just one of those things. At least you can probably hear what I am saying most of the time.


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