Surface Pro 4

I am now trying out a Surface Pro 4. I have installed Bluebeam PDF Revu 12 on this for now, along with Kenrick Mock’s latest version of Pen attention for Windows 10. I’ve also attached a wired USB mouse, and I am using X-Mouse Button Control to get the required toggle keystroke {ctrl}{alt}{f9} from the middle mouse button.

I will report back as and when I iron out a few wrinkles!


3 responses to “Surface Pro 4

  1. Fab! These Surface tablets strike me as likely the [at least near] future go-to devices for in-lecture annotations, as they seem to be the only line of such tablets properly being designed with styluses/styli..

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  2. Brilliant – I will keep watching the blog.


  3. Currently there are still a few quirks with Pen Attention when the screen scaling is not 100%. But when displaying on an external monitor/data projector you can’t use the highest resolution settings anyway. So my task at the moment is to find the best setting to fit with the local data projectors.
    Otherwise, everything seems to be working OK!
    Oh yes, except that my wireless keeps turning off (becomes disabled) whenever the machine sleeps … must find a setting to stop that!
    If I am brave, I will use the machine at the Open Days tomorrow and Saturday.


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