Chinese translation of G14FUN

I have just been told that my old Level 4 module G14FUN Functional Analysis (which has a large overlap with my current spring semester module G14FTA Further Topics in Analysis) has been translated into Chinese!

The link I have been given is

Disclaimer: I cannot say anything about the quality of this site or of the translations.

Comments welcome!



2 responses to “Chinese translation of G14FUN

  1. I am impressed that they have Chinese and English subtitles. That must have been a lot of work! I have only had a quick look so far, but the English subtitles look pretty good for the opening of Lecture 1 at least.


  2. As a Chinese, I would say the translations are pretty good. Mostly the translations are precise, and the mathematical terms are translated correctly into the corresponding terms in Chinese (the translator(s) must know a lot of mathematics to do this!). Most of the comments for the translated lectures are positive, e.g. ‘very clear explanations”, ”thanks for the translator, and please keep on posting new videos”, and some people are asking where they can download the lecture notes. I have tried to post a comment with a link to the webpage with more course materials, but it seems that accessing the Chinese webpage from UK is not easy! No sure if my comments are there. Maybe I should try again sometime later.


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