PDF annotation in Windows

What do others use for their PDF annotation in Windows, especially Windows 10? Here are some quick comments of my own.

Bluebeam PDF Revu is still my favourite so far, but it is expensive! It also needs a lot of processing power, but is fine on modern PCs.

Xournal is free, but appears to have pressure sensitivity issues in Windows 10. Adding extra pages when you need them is also odd if you are working with a pre-prepared PDF skeleton with blanks as I do.

PDF annotator still saved annotations as bitmap instead of vector last time I tried it. Maybe the latest version is better?

Windows Journal has quality issues when converting back and forth between PDF and Windows Journal Note.

OneNote is high quality, but doesn’t seem to be designed for annotation of pre-prepared PDF skeleton files of the type I use in my lectures.

Drawboard PDF comes free with our Surface Pro’s (it’s quite cheap anyway), but I find it is fiddly to select the tool you need. I wouldn’t want to do this live in a lecture! Fine for annotating calmly in the office.

Any comments?


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