Surface Pro 4: Episode 4

I am continuing to use my Surface Pro 4 for PDF annotation in my first-year lectures.

Although there are many good features, I am still having some problems with unexpected menus opening up.

Some of these are caused by my hand hitting a key point near the edge of the screen (my Bluebeam PDF Revu settings mean I should have no problem with touch in the middle of the screen.) But I think my main problem is caused by the side button on the stylus. This generates a right click. Now I already told Bluebeam not to use right click to activate the lasso while I am inking, which helps.  But you can still get right-click menus appearing due to accidental right clicks. I would rather like to be able to deactivate the side button on the stylus, but I haven’t found any way to do that. (Does anyone know if it can be done?)

There are also some menus which suddenly appear and where I can’t yet duplicate the operation that brought them up. I think that touch is involved. Maybe I’ll get to the bottom of this some time!



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