Surface Pro 4: Episode 6

Latest progress with my Surface Pro 4:

  • I moved the taskbar to the top of the screen, and this has helped a little with the “unexpected menus” problem.
  • Another thing that helps with the unexpected menus, and which also helps with my handwriting (slightly), is  if I try to avoid writing too near the bottom of the screen. It is better for me (using touch control to pan) to move the relevant area up slightly when I want to write there, if it is too near the bottom of the screen at the time. I haven’t yet taken advantage of the pinch and spread zoom features to give myself more space to write between lines, but I do have that option too.
  • I am experimenting with some printed handwriting rather than joined up writing. It is slower, but probably easier to read in my case! Where I use my usual joined up writing, writing larger and more slowly helps.
  • I have switched to Bluebeam’s “classic” menu (but not the full “classic mode”), as this provides a little more space (vertically) to write on the screen. I have also chosen not to automatically show tabs, and that provides another bit of vertical space.
  • I have moved to a thicker line width, and this helps with the earlier problems when Bluebeam makes my strokes thinner afterwards. Generally I don’t get unexpected gaps appearing in my text now. I still haven’t found out why Bluebeam is doing this or whether I can stop it. But I still prefer Bluebeam to the alternatives at the moment. (I am still using Bluebeam 12. Possibly the latest versions have eliminated this issue?)

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