Surface Pro 4: Episode 7

Latest developments

  • I have started to make some use of “pinch and spread” to give myself larger areas to write in when necessary.
  • I am starting to have some problems with the display port adaptor. Because I currently use the Surface on a sloped laptop stand on top of a blue plastic box (to give myself extra height and a better writing angle), the VGA cable can pull on the adaptor, and it can wobble and lose connection. Last lecture I solved this by wrapping the slack of the VGA cable over the top edge of the Surface, which reduced the tension. Hopefully the problem won’t get any worse.
  • Something bad has happened to the tip/nib of the stylus. Hopefully replacing the nib will fix that! That is, if I can find the set of spare nibs.
  • Having reduced the number of unwanted menus from touching the bottom part of the screen, I have now started getting unwanted BlueBeam menus from touching the right of the screen. I am beginning to think that I am always going to have more trouble with touch than without it. The benefits of touch at the moment are panning using touch (which is good) and pinch and spread during annotation (which I am starting to use a bit). But the unwanted menus are definitely a nuisance, and I am not sure I have the skill to avoid them.

One response to “Surface Pro 4: Episode 7

  1. – The stylus problem was simply a damaged nib. The new nib is fine.
    – The video adaptor problem is ongoing, but should be OK as long as I can systematically reduce the cable tension/weight pulling on the adaptor.
    – I’m trying another position for the taskbar: at the left this time!


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